PCM Cable

Product Detail

The PCM cables manufactured by our organization find wide usage in mobile communication and installation of antennas. These allow flawless communication between control rooms and transmitters that emit low level signals. We offer our entire range in standard sizes, and can also manufacture them as per the needs of the clients

0.50mm Solid Annnealed Bare Copper Foam PE Insulated 2 core twisted in pair , Polyester tape , Almyler tape with 0.50 mm Drain wire Individual Shielded ,1,10,16 Pair laid up togather Polyester tape ,Al myler tape,Polyester tape with Drain wire Over all Screened, Rip Cord ,PVC ST-1 Sheathed Cable

  • Tin-copper conductor of 0.50mm.
  • Electrolytic type reflects 99.9% purity.
  • Provides 80-85% of precise braiding coverage
  • Available in multi-core shielded and tin-copper constructions.
  • Available in 1 Pair to 16 Pair and more if required.
  • Individually pair screen with Al-mylar & drain wire
  • Overall pair screen with Al-mylar & drain wire
  • Meets the flammability test requirement as per IEC 332 (Part-
  • Excellent protection to cross-talk and Electromagnetic Induction Each pair shall be Red for Wire-1 and Blue for Wire-2, with serial number of the pair viz. 1 to 10/16, marked at regular interval, on the outer surface of the Aluminium film used for Pair Screening.
Conductor Resistance 86+/-3 Ohm/km at 20degC Conductor Size 0.50mm ABC
Insulation Resistance >10K M-Ohm/km at 500V Insulation Thickness 1.45mm approx.
Dielectric strength Withstand 2.4kV DC for Insulation Dia 0.475mm apx
Mutual Capacitance 45+/-5 pF/mtr Drain wire 0.50mm ABC
Impedance at 1MHz 120 Ohm +/-10 Al-mylar 0.050mm
Attenuation at 1MHz 20 dB/km (max) Polyester 0.025mm
NEXT at 1MHz >85 dB Sheath Color Grey
FEXT at 1MHz >67 dB/km Rip cord Under sheath
1Pair 10Pair 16Pair
Overall Diameter 7 (max.) 15 (max.) 18 (max.)
Thickness 1.0 (min) 1.0 (min) 1.40 (min)